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STEAM Education Kit Robot Science Multi-Language

1.25 KGS
Packing Method:
Box Packing
  • STEAM Education Kit  Robot Science Multi-Language
  • STEAM Education Kit  Robot Science Multi-Language
  • STEAM Education Kit  Robot Science Multi-Language
  • STEAM Education Kit  Robot Science Multi-Language
• What is STEAM Education Kit Robot Science Multilanguage?
STEAM Education -Science Robot kit is an educational coding kit that is based on an open-source platform. The kit includes a variety of sensors, electronic modules and mechanical components, and comes with 16 companion lessons. With mBlock, a visual programming software, you can program the kit to solve real-life problems and create fascinating science projects.
This package does not include 4AA Battery Holder (SKU: 14002)/Lithium Battery (SKU: P3090003), nor the Bluetooth dongle (SKU: P5010002) due to logistics reasons. However, these parts are necessary for using this kit in an education setting. When purchasing,please place the order with all additional parts and put a remark in the comments of your order to specify (or contact your sales manager).
Note:The parts and accessories of our products (such as screwdrivers, screws, cards, etc.) will be iterated from time to time without affecting the use of the product. Therefore, there may be multiple versions of the parts, and the actual products may not be completely consistent with the promotional pictures or description pictures. This situation is an acceptable difference and does not belong to after-sales quality issues. The pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product received for details.
Various electronic modules and components to build a wide variety of shapes.
16 lessons in 4 themes :
Ⅰ Colorful World:1.Dance Party 2.Emergency Rescue 3.Penguin Spy 4.Fabulous Frog
Ⅱ Tech Life:1.Autopilot Technology 2.Energy-saving Life 3.Measurement Engineer 4.Clever Lamp
Ⅲ Family Games:1.Electronic Pet 2.Lucky Wheel 3.Volume Racing 4.Guess the Number Game
Ⅳ Smart Applications:1.Temperature Laboratory 2.Smart Cooling Machine 3.Smart Barrier Gate 4.Crosswalk Safety System
Making it easy to learn programming.
Comprehensive educational materials to facilitate teaching
 mBlock 5:
A powerful platform for coding designed for STEAM education
STEAM Education Kit - Robot Science_Multi-language verison
Package Information
DIM(H.W.L):43.2*31.2*7.8 cm
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Packing Method
Box Packing
Part list
1 x Mainboard mCore
6 x M3*25mm Screw
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
1 x Line-follower Sensor
1 X Sound Sensor
1 x Potentiometer
1 x LED Matrix (8*16)
1 x 130 DC Motor
1 x 7-segment Display
2 x Motor
1 x Infrared Remote Controller
1 x 9g Micro Servo
1 x RJ25 Adapter
1 x Touch Sensor
1x Temperature Sensor
4 x RJ25 Cable-20cm
2 x RJ25 Cable-35cm
1 x USB Cable
2 x Beam 0824-080
4 x Beam 0824-096
1 x Beam 0824-112
1 x Beam 0824-072
4 x Bracket 3*3
2 x Plate 45°
4 x Cuttable Linkage
2 x Plate I1
2 x Bracket 3*3*120°
2 x Beam 0412-108
2 x Beam 0412-076
2 x Beam 0412-092
10 x M4*16 Brass Stud
10 x M4*25 Brass Stud
4 x M4*32 Brass Stud
50 x M4*8mm Screw
30 x M4*14mm Screw
20 x M4*22mm Screw
50 x Nut M4
10 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*10
20 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*3
1 x Wrench 5mm&7mm
4 x Track Block
1 x Small Screw Box
2 x Wheel
1 x Chassis
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Mini Wheel
8 x Nut M3
4 x M2.2*9mm Self-drilling Screw
Textbook (Sample)
Building Instruction (Example)
User Manual

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