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mBot Add-On Pack - Talkative Pet

0.26 KGS
The add-on pack cannot be used without a Makeblock mBot Li-polymer battery or a P3090003 Li-polymer battery, which needs to be purchased seperately.
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  • mBot Add-On Pack - Talkative Pet
  • mBot Add-On Pack - Talkative Pet
  • mBot Add-On Pack - Talkative Pet
  • mBot Add-On Pack - Talkative Pet

mBot Talkative Pet Kit is an add-on pack that includes a variety of parts, like an audio player block, a micro servo and mechanical parts. With these materials, children, based on mBot, can easily build three different shapes, Robot Dog, Rover and Robot Penguin. Each robot can sing and talk. They are absolutely perfect companions for children.

3-in-1 shapes: Robot Dog/Rover/Robot Penguin
Built-in audio block lets your robots talk and sing
Based on mBot but more than mBot
Part list
1 x Audio Player (SD card included)
1 x mBot Talkative Pet Add-on Pack_User Manual
1 x Me RJ25 AdapterV2.2
1 x 9G Micro Servo ( Bracket not included´╝ëPack
1 x Beam076(Blue)
1 x Bracket3*3*120°
2 x Cuttable Linkage 3 Hole(Gold)
3 x Cuttable Linkage 4 Hole (Blue)
1 x Cuttable Linkage(Blue)
2 x Data Cable 6P6C-20cm-Black
4 x M4*30 Socket Cap Screw (304 Stainless Steel)
4 x M4*22 Socket Cap Screw(304 Stainless Steel)
4 x M4*16 Socket Cap Screw -Button Head
10 x M4*8 Socket Cap Screw - Button Head
15 x 4*7*3 Plastic Spacer
6 x 4*7*10 Plastic Spacer
14 x M4 Hexagon Nut(304 Stainless Steel)
6 x M4 Hexagon Lock Nut(Stainless Steel)
1 x M5+M7Wrench
1 x 18650 Battery Holder
• User Manual

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