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MakeX Challenge Arena

83.05 KGS
MakeX Challenge 2022
  • MakeX Challenge Arena
  • MakeX Challenge Arena
  • MakeX Challenge Arena
  • MakeX Challenge Arena
  • MakeX Challenge Arena
• What is 2022 MakeX Challenge Arena?
This kit provides the map, frame parts, and props for assembling the 2022 MakeX Challenge Energy Innovator Arena. It can be used to carry out offline training or host competitions.
Note:The parts and accessories of our products (such as screwdrivers, screws, cards, etc.) will be iterated from time to time without affecting the use of the product. Therefore, there may be multiple versions of the parts, and the actual products may not be completely consistent with the promotional pictures or description pictures. This situation is an acceptable difference and does not belong to after-sales quality issues. The pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product received for details.
Package Information
663x388x255 mm
290x223x100 mm
1000x284x112 mm *2
1056x384x293 mm
522x162x329 mm
2.0x980x525 mm(Metal Net)
390x390x185 mm(Hanging Basket)
3mm (thickness) x 92mm (inside diameter) x 1590mm (length) map
Gross Weight
Packing Method
Box Packing
Part list
6 x Metal Net
2 x Hanging Basket
12 x Bottle Red&Black
12 x Bottle Blue&Black
126 x Flat Beam Lock
12 x Flat Beam Lock 45°-Left
12 x Flat Beam Lock 45°-Right
12 x Octagonal Pillar-960
6 x Flat Beam 960
36 x Flat Beam 960
12 x Bottle Support
3 x Cube Partition Board
3 x Cube Cover Board
2 x Black Protection Board
7 x Makex Board Blue&Black
7 x Makex Board Red&Black
9 x Yellow Cube 120mm
5 x Cube Sticker A
5 x Cube Sticker B
64 x Yellow Ball 70mm
4 x Octagonal Pillar-400
4 x Octagonal Pillar-250
10 x Flat Beam 220
22 x Flat Beam 160
12 x Flat Beam 45°
28 x Octagonal Pillar Cover
22 x Flat Beam Cover
3 x Allen Key
32 x Rectangular Nut M4
12 x Screw M4*10
1 x Double-sided Fabric Tape
1 x 3M Double-sided Nano Tape
4 x Octagonal Pillar-45
4 x Hook-and-Loop Fastener 1150*25mm (Loop)
20 x Combination Screw M4*8
1 x Scredriver Cross&2.5mm
1 x Energy Innovator Map
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