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MakeX 2019 Courageous Traveler Arena

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  • MakeX 2019 Courageous Traveler Arena
  • MakeX 2019 Courageous Traveler Arena
• What is MakeX 2019 Courageous Traveler Arena?
This is a full package that includes all the materials necessary for setting up a complete arena in the Challenge Courageous Traveler competition.
In the package, you can find structural components, like Octagonal Pillar, Flat Beam, Flat Beam Lock, PVC Board,Board,Metal Net,Slope and more;props are included as well, such as Bowling Balls, Marbles and more.
Part list
18 x Octagonal Pillar 960
4 x Octagonal Pillar 400
2 x Octagonal Pillar 500
55 x Flat Beam 960
16 x Flat Beam 160
6 x Flat Beam 104
6 x Flat Beam 92
4 x Flat Beam 45°
4 x Flat Beam Lock-Left
4 x Flat Beam Lock-Right
154 x Flat Beam Lock
48 x Octagonal Pillar Cover
12 x Flat Beam Cover
3 x HEX Allen Key
8 x Board
7 x Mental Net
7 x PVC Board Blue&Black
7 x PVC Board Red&Black
3 x PVC Board Mix
1 x Mat
2 x Slope
2 x Platform
24 x Screw M3*6
1 x Slope Tags-Blue A
1 x Slope Tags-Blue B
1 x Slope Tags-Red A
1 x Slope Tags-Red B
60 x Ball
16 x Bottle Red&Black
16 x Bottle Blue&Black
4 x Bottle Yellow&Black
2 x Flag Case
8 x Hook-and-loop
2 x Flat Beam Connector
10 x Screw M4*8
1 x Building Instructions

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