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MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena

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  • MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena
  • MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena
• What is MakeX 2019 City Guardian Arena?
This full package includes all the materials necessary for setting up a complete arena in the Sarter City Guardian competition.

The package contains structural components, like Metal Beams, Map, Screws, Shafts and more; props are included as well, such as EVA Block, Balls, Rings, Obstacles, Cards, Trees and more.

Noteļ¼šThe parts and accessories of our products (such as screwdrivers, screws, cards, etc.) will be iterated from time to time without affecting the use of the product. Therefore, there may be multiple versions of the parts, and the actual products may not be completely consistent with the promotional pictures or description pictures. This situation is an acceptable difference and does not belong to after-sales quality issues. The pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product received for details.

Part list
7 x Yellow Block
8 x Ball
1 x Red Obstacle
1 x Blue Obstacle
4 x Green Ring
4 x Yellow Ring
1 x Green Tree
1 x Orange Tree
4 xSlide Beam2424-072
2 x Slide Beam2424-184
4 x Beam0412-236
2 x Timing Pulley 62T
2 x Timing Pulley 90T
2 x Square Beam0808-168
2 x Beam0412-172
4 x Slide Beam0824-112
2 x Bracket C
2 x Bracket U1
2 x Bracket 3*3
4 x Shaft Connector
4 x Flange Bearing
24 x Shaft Collar 4mm
2 x Shaft D4*56mm
4 x Shaft D4*128mm
20 x Screw M4*22
30 x Lock Nut M4
40 x Screw Headless M3*5
1 x Wrench 5mm&7mm
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Building Instructions
1 x Double-Sided Tape
2 x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm
2 x Green Card
6 x Blue Card
6 x Red Card
1 x Mat
6 x Linkage
30 x Screw M4*8
10 x Screw M4*10
10 x Screw M4*16

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