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MakerSpace Kits2.0 Pneumatic Parts

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  • MakerSpace Kits2.0 Pneumatic Parts
  • MakerSpace Kits2.0 Pneumatic Parts

Product Description

Makeblock's Maker Education Solutions-Makerspace Kits, including a wide range of Makeblock's mechanical and electronic parts, are designed for schools to create a makerspace. The parts can be combined in different ways to meet different requirements, no matter it is for a maker event or a robotics competition.
MakerSpace Kits2.0-Pneumatic Parts includes pneumatic parts such as pressure regulator, solenoid valve and pneumatic cylinder.


Package Dimension


outer     dimension:427x 312x75 mm  

internal dimension:385x 283x70 mm

outer     dimension:16.81x12.28x2.95 inch

internal dimension:15.16x 11.14x2.76 inch


Part List  (Qty. x Part Name)

2 x Regulator GR20006F1

2 x Pressure Relief Valve

4 x Solenoid Valve 4V110M5FI

4 x Plug 3.96-2P

2 x Cylinder Ml10X60CA

2 x Cylinder MI10X150CA

4 x Bottle Cap

2 x φ8-φ6 Reducing Straight Connector

4 x Tube Connector PE6

2 x φ6 Cross Four-Way Connector PZ6

4 x Hand Control Valve 6-6

2 x Tube Connector PCFT6-02

4 x Tube Connector PC6-01

8 x Speed Valve PSL6M5A

30 x Tube Connector PC6M5

10 x Universal Copper Silencer

4 x φ6 Pneumatic Tube -Blue

2 x Sealing Tape

4 x Solenoid Valve Bracket(6061-T6)

4 x φ10 Cylinder Bracket(6061-T6)

4 x Rod End Joint M4

16 x Lock Nut M3

16 x Socket Cap Screw m3*25-Button Head


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