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Makeblock Novapi V1

0.11 KGS
Packing Method:
Box Packing
  • Makeblock Novapi V1
  • Makeblock Novapi V1
  • Makeblock Novapi V1
 What is Novapi V1?

As a new generation competition platform mainboard, NovaPi consists of one M7 high-performance processor (ATSAMS70N20A-AN), one STM32 co-processor (STM32F030CCT6), five 5 V universal ports, and six smart motor interfaces. The 5 V universal ports communicate using serial ports and output 5 V voltage. The smart motor ports communicate using serial ports and output 12 V voltage. NovaPi has a 6-axis motion sensor that can measure the acceleration velocity and angular velocity along the X, Y, and Z axes. NovaPi can be used with a power shield to provide a greater variety of ports and resources.

Support the Makeblock metal parts
Five 5 V universal ports
Six smart motor ports
6-axis motion sensor
Support power shields
M7 high-performance processor
Module dimensions
85 mm x 56 mm x 13 mm
Operating voltage
6 V - 13 V (If a motor is used, the input voltage must meet the minimum operating voltage requirement of the motor.)
Operating current
60 mA
Communication port and protocol
Serial port/dedicated protocol
Package Dimension
160 x 135 x 42 mm; 6.3 x 5.31 x 1.65 inch
Part list
1 x Novapi_Acrylic Bracket Assembly components
6 x Plastic Rivet R4120 (White)
4 x Plastic rivet R4060(black)
8 x Plastic Spacer 4*7*2

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