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2020 MakeX Premier Ultimate Warrior Practice Arena

1,299.20 KGS
MakeX 2020 New
  • 2020 MakeX Premier Ultimate Warrior Practice Arena
  • 2020 MakeX Premier Ultimate Warrior Practice Arena
• What is 2020 MakeX Premier Ultimate Warrior Practice Arena?
This package includes some of the arena materials that can be used for trainning in Premier Ultimate Warrior. The package contains structural components, like Octagonal Prisms, Aluminum Flat Bars, Triple-lock, Panellings and Wood Boards; props, such as Bowling Balls and EVA Blocks, are included as well.
Noteļ¼šThe parts and accessories of our products (such as screwdrivers, screws, cards, etc.) will be iterated from time to time without affecting the use of the product. Therefore, there may be multiple versions of the parts, and the actual products may not be completely consistent with the promotional pictures or description pictures. This situation is an acceptable difference and does not belong to after-sales quality issues. The pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product received for details.
Packing Method
Box Packing
Package Dimension
1020*310*150 mm*2/663*388*255 mm/1050*370*185 mm
378*315*446 mm/540*335*420 mm/1000*284*112 mm
Gross Weight
Part list
18 x Octagonal Pillar 4040-960
8 x Octagonal Pillar 4040-600
12 x Octagonal Pillar 4040-400
4 x Octagonal Pillar 4040-250
75 x Flat Beam 1550-960
2 x Flat Beam 1550-400
2 x Flat Beam 1550-293
62 x Flat Beam 1550-160
3 x Flat Beam 1550-104
6 x Flat Beam 45°
6 x Flat Beam Lock 45°-Left
6 x Flat Beam Lock 45°-Right
290 x Flat Beam Lock
2 x Octagonal Pillar Connector
84 x Octagonal Pillar Cover
7 x Flat Beam Cover
2 x HEX Allen Key
6 x Board
5 x Metal Net
10 x PVC Board Blue&Black
4 x PVC Board Blue&Red&Black
5 x PVC Board-P1_Blue
4 x PVC Board-P1_Red
4 x Board-L1
4 x Board-S2
2 x Board-S1
3 x Board Slope
2 x Board-L2
2 x Board-ST
5 x Square Groove-Acrylic Backboard
5 x Square Groove-Acrylic Bottom board
5 x Square Groove-Acrylic Lower Board
10 x Square Groove-Acrylic Left&Right Board
100 x Rubber Band
10 x Black Cube
20 x Yellow Cube-L
30 x Yellow Cube-S
24 x Bottle Blue&Black
24 x Flat Beam Link Block
48 x Srew M4*10
1 x Srewdriver
6 x 2020 MakeX Premier_EVA Sticker
1 x 2020 MakeX Premier_Acrylic Board Sticker
1 x 2020 MakeX Ultimate Warrior Arena Assembly Instructions

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